Sunday, January 4, 2009

In 2008...

...I nurtured relationships with local people to feel more at home in the area.  I truly feel like I have an actual life here, which was not really the case by the end of 2007.  It certainly takes time to get comfortable in a new place, and, without the crutch of college culture, I learned what it's like firsthand.

...I left my job-- the job I had dreamed of and worked so hard for-- after things started to deteriorate with, ahem, the management.  It was extremely difficult to leave because I loved the work and (most of) the people, but it really felt like it needed to be done.

...And I started at my new job!  Staying with the same organization but working for a different affiliate was definitely the way to go, as I felt right at home at the new place.  I was busy and happy, and, although this is a recap, I am still very happy there (on Day 3 of 2009, haha).

...I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to make some extra money.  Ha!  I actually did really well at first, but something they neglected to tell me gradually brought me down (read: into debt).  I'll tell you what it was right now, in case there are any potential consultants out there: When you place an order for more inventory, there is a $200 wholesale minimum.  So say I have tons of product on my shelves, but one of my clients wants a specific shade of lipstick that I don't have.  In order to get it from the company, I have to order an additional $190-ish dollars worth of product I think I may be able to sell. way.  So after doing that a couple times, I was having trouble selling enough to see 1) a reasonable date on which I'd pay off my Mary Kay-specific credit card and 2) a profit.  Ouch.  [If you're interested in any skincare or makeup product you think I may have, let me know and I'll hook you up with a crazy discount.]

...I got wedding fever.  Sooo many people either got married or engaged (or both) this year, and despite the hassle and insane amount of money I spent to be a guest or bridesmaid, all events were great fun and truly joyous occasions (and I know, it's guaranteed each couple spent much more on their weddings than I did on everyone's wedding combined).  Experiencing the ceremonies, receptions, and in some cases the planning of these nuptials, I got extremely antsy to go through it all myself.  And by myself I mean with Steve.  You get it.  Which brings me to...

...I learned Steve is anti-marriage.  After doing a lot of research and soulsearch(ing), I determined that I was okay with that, but also that I will require some sort of festive occasion in which we share our commitment and love for each other with our loved ones, completely independent from "The State."  Our agreement to have a love party is by no means an announcement that one is forthcoming.

...I got fed up with having roommates to the point that my goal is to move out at the end of the current lease.  We'll see if that makes the '09 recap (fingers crossed).

...I cut my hair into a pixie.

...I decided to grow my hair out.

...I took a few nice, little trips instead of a big vacation.  In June, I traveled to L.A. for Jenna's wedding.  My mom was my date and financier for a good deal of the weekend (thanks, Mom!).  I even got to spend a day with dear old Matthew, cruisin' his hood and Venice Beach.  Steve and I made it down to Asheville, NC for my mom's side's 08/08/08 family reunion, which was spectacular, as always.  Steve's band played in Key West in October, so I spent a weekend there, enjoying island life with bike rides and seafood.  In November, I finally (FINALLY) made it up to Boston for a crazy concert, scrumptious food, and the usual unusual antics with my Hob Bobblin and the gang.  And finally, Steve and I flew to California for Christmas, visiting with inappropriate family members and friends who seem to never change a bit (in a good way).

...I had, overall, a pretty swell time.

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Bobbie said...

Yay, 2008! I've been meaning to do one of these as well... soon, soon!

Let's hear it for a swell 2009.

My Nina-specific goal is to see you WAY more frequently. We really aren't THAT far. Right? Right.