Friday, December 12, 2008

What's New

A conversation I had with some students today:
"Miss Nina, I like your earrings! Are they from Hollister?"
"Thank you! I think I got them at Claire's."
"You should shop at Hollister."
"I don't really like Hollister actually...(GASP!)...they're so expensive!"
"Then ask your parents to buy you stuff from there."


Speaking of expensive things and having no money, EVERYTHING'S TOO EXPENSIVE AND I HAVE NO MONEY!!!

I was working on my budget today and discovered that I have absolutely NO money for "extras" like shopping and meals out (including meals at lunch), and hardly any dough to put into savings. I rounded up on everything without a set price (like gas), so this is worst case scenario, but there really aren't a lot of cuts I'm able to make. And I'm just too tired to work a second job. I wonder how much the majority of my wardrobe would go for on eBay...

So! To cheer me up...TILFT:
-My cookie swap! (It's supposed to be lame.) In a few hours.
-Holiday parties! Two this Sunday, next door and at Steve's bandmate's house.
-Winter break for the school district! It'll be a nice break from teaching.
-CALIFORNIA! I'll actually be home for Christmas this year! And with that...
-Food, and
-PRESENTS!!! As usual though, I'm mostly curious about what I'm getting and super excited to give my awesome findings/creations to everyone.

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Madmom said...

What would you want your parents to buy you at Hollister?