Sunday, December 7, 2008

Every day is like Sunday

Bobbie's been blogging up a storm lately, and I've been lazy, lazy, lazy-- blog-wise, at least. I've actually been quite busy in real life, so maybe that's my excuse.

I decorated the house yesterday!!! And by house, I mean living room, since it takes to decorations quite well, and because I don't have enough to decorate much more (which fine-- that means less cleanup). My only complaint: there aren't a lot of presents under the tree! I'm 90% done with my Christmas shopping, but only a few presents are under the tree because I have to take the rest to California with me, and I don't want to risk wrapping them and then being asked to unwrap them at bag check or security. Oh well!

My friend's birthday was yesterday, so there was a drag party held in her honor in the burbs at another friend's house (which was gorgeous). Everyone went all out with their outfits-- especially some of the guys. One wore fishnets, another had full makeup done (he looked beautiful), and they both even painted their nails (pretty well). Drag parties are so much more fun and interesting for guys, you know? There's just so much more involved. For us girls, it was mostly about whose facial hair was best (answer: the birthday girl's, though mine was pretty darn good). Pictures coming soon!

So I've been hopefully, hypothetically looking at apartment listings. I've been wanting it to be just me and Steve for quite some time, but since the blow-out with Rob (early happenings mentioned in a previous post; a nice-sized altercation came of it), I'm really, really, serious about moving out now. Problem is-- scratch that-- problems are:
1) It isn't clear to me that Steve is interested in leaving this situation. He likes having friends right here at home without having to give them a call and arranging to hang out.
2) He has two drum sets. We'd absolutely NEED a second bedroom, which costs more, and obviously narrows down neighborhoods we'd be able to afford.
3) He plays said drum sets. Drums are loud. Neighbors don't like loud. We need a place without really close neighbors (no row homes, no complexes).
4) Moving is difficult and expensive. We'd also need to find someone to take our room and portion of the rent.
5) We really like this house and neighborhood.

I can't say that the difficulties outweigh my desire to move out and be just the two of us. But Steve probably would. We haven't sat down and really talked about it yet, but he knows how I feel. Perhaps I should take him to dinner or something.



Bobbie said...

Gah. Complicated. Keep me posted and call if you need a chat.

Diana said...

I am sorry. Let me know if I can help.

Madmom said...

I know it sounds corny but these things happen for a reason... taking him to dinner sounds like a good start, talking straight forwardly is best. But who am I to give advice? Just a Mom who adores you.