Monday, December 1, 2008

dark and stormy

Today was a strange day.

On the train on my way to work, a man violently and mysteriously collapsed only feet away from me. Fortunately, we had a doctor in our car and she was a great help. The man came to, and when he attempted to stand, he fainted again. Our train stayed put until an ambulance came for him. He was 43 years old, and today was his first day at a new job. I really hope that it was a fluke and that he's okay and will be okay. It was just so scary, watching him crash into the train door and slide down the way he did.

Later this morning, my coworker came into work saying that someone had just jumped from the 33rd floor of the Loews Philadelphia hotel, which is just blocks away from my office, and right across the street from my train station. It hasn't been released who he is (if they even know), but everyone's assuming suicide. What a way to go. And at 10am.



Bobbie said...

Strange on the bus yesterday too. Must be in the air. Hmmm.

Madmom said...

Wow, scary! Did many try to help him or just watch? Sounds like stories we heard about the it is really scary!