Saturday, December 13, 2008


Because of the nervous breakdown I'm currently having regarding finances, I hurried over to to see what kind of advice they could give. Most of it was the same old stuff I've always lived by (with exceptions in extreme circumstances, of course), except for one little gem that I have to share with everyone:

A couple years ago I attempted to sync my banking accounts on Quicken, but the program was old and user-unfriendly. is free, easy, and actually a little fun, despite the fact that it alerts me each and every time I go over budget on something (which is really frustrating). It keeps track of my stocks and IRA, my loans, even my PayPal account.

Despite the fact that I keep track of my spending each day, it's nice to have a website that makes pie charts to show you just how much you have to get your dining out spending in check. You can also compare your spending to the national average and people in your area.

So now it's time to set some goals (move out comfortably by the end of the lease, eat healthier...) and make some decisions about my spending and what cuts need to be made. Augh, adulthood.

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