Saturday, December 13, 2008

...all dressed in white

Can I just say that I have had two wedding dreams in the past three weeks?

Well, I have.

It's probably because I read at least three different wedding-related blogs almost daily and I have all these ideas crammed into my head and I just want to put them into action already! Or maybe it's because after attending five weddings this year (and one in spirit)-- not to mention other fancy, catered events, I'm going through withdrawal since the next one isn't until late spring. Who knows?

What's interesting about these two dreams-- and another one I had maybe a year or two ago-- is that the overarching theme (besides a wedding, duh) is some sort of wardrobe malfunction. Two of them, actually, both featured me scrambling to find a dress only hours before the wedding.

Everyone knows I'm super organized and quite a planner, so it's unlikely that I'd be in that situation. But it also seems totally possible that I would somehow find a way to have four different dresses to choose from on the actually day-of and spend my time trying each one on until I was forced to make a decision. What can I say, I like my options!

Do you think these dresses are actually metaphors for my partner?

Eh, neither do I.

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