Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movin' Out

I wish.

I go through phases with this living arrangement...sometimes I'm thrilled that I live in a beautiful, big house-- with parking-- that's convenient to everything; sometimes I'm at peace with the fact that I have to live here to accommodate my price range and Steve's loud (and clunky) lifestyle (drums and guitar amps); and sometimes I get so freakin' annoyed with everything that comes with having roommates and not living directly in the city.

I'm in that third place right now.

Let me explain my day so far:
I wake up (first, as always), and set up shop on the couch, since 1) I've been sick and 2) it's Sunday. I go to to watch the latest Pushing Daisies because I was traveling to Steve's parents' house while it was airing. I watch the first few minutes, but then my internet connection craps out. I go downstairs to fix it. When I come back, the couch has been usurped by Gooch, and he's watching TV. Fine, whatever. I move my laptop to the dining room and finish watching. It's not like he can move the TV.

So then, after the show, I go upstairs to relieve myself of liquid waste. When I return, Rob is on my computer. He looks up and says, "Oh, were you on this?" Well, all of my windows like gmail and abc were open.... After a few moments he leaves.

Now. I pay for utilities out of pocket, and when I've calculated what everyone owes, I text them their totals along with a due date (this month's was yesterday). We also agreed that late payments will have a 10% charge tacked on. Gooch kindly gave me his check before the holiday. Rob, however, delivers his check to me today (and both of us had been home since Friday). The following is our conversation:
Me: Did you add the 10%?
Rob: Yeah, right.
Me: A due date's a due date.
Rob: Well look at the date on the check-- it says yesterday.

Had I gotten it yesterday, I would have deposited all of the checks while I was out running errands. But nooooooo. Someone had to be late and inconsiderate.

I'm done.

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Bobbie said...

Boooo! Nina, I hope things get better!