Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say Yes to Key West!

Yes, to fill my honeys in, I am going to Key West this weekend. I'm leaving on Friday afternoon and returning Monday evening. Steve's band is playing at a club there every night all week (starting yesterday), and I'm joining them for the weekend. They have a condo and I paid for my flight mostly in my American Express Rewards Points (highly recommended), so my only expenses will be food, drinks, and souvenirs. (If I get any, and I may, because it's Fantasy Week down there, so there may be something I just have to have. Like what? I have no clue.) Pretty sweet, huh?

While that's awesome, can I just air a grievance for a second? Okay, so my computer is getting old, and it's going to have its problems and I understand that. But why is it that it was behaving so wonderfully (fast, quiet, didn't overheat) while Rob was off doing whatever it is he does when he pretends he doesn't live here, and it started making a continuous clicking noise since he's been back and has used it once (well, throughout a night)? This morning I shut it down, unplugged it, and took it up to my room, because all signs point to abuse on Rob's part. It was doing fine for about 30 minutes after restarting and doing my thing on it until it started making the clicking noise again. For the second time ever (that I know of). What did you do, Rob, WHAT DID YOU DO???

So, on a more positive note, let's do a TILFT...of seven:
1. FINALLY starting at my fourth and final school tomorrow.
2. A much-needed haircut, probably tomorrow evening.
3. The Project Runway Finale tomorrow night. I'm having some fans over to yell at the TV like it's a football game.
5. November 4th: ELECTION DAY. Good lord, can we all just vote already???
6. November 7th: The last wedding of the year (that I know of). Ooh, I still need to get a present for them.
7. November 14th-16th: BOSTON!!!

So now I'm off to the gym (gotta maintain the closest thing to a beach body I have). I've been very disciplined lately, and I can't start slacking now.

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