Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantastic Flea Market Finds

The much-anticipated annual flea market was, in fact, yesterday, and my visit was quite victorious! See my finds below-- pictures to come.

Clothing: A vintage wool cardigan in green ($4).

Jewelry: Gold chain necklace with white enamel circles ($2); bronze(y) necklace with giant pseudo-jewels ($5); heavy, blue, beaded necklace that reminds me of Bomma ($5); black multi-strand stretchy bracelet ($2).

Housewares: Large blue and small gold carnival glass dishes (both for $10); COMPLETE SET of deep purple dishes ($15 for 8 cups, saucers, small plates, and large plates-- I just realized that bowls weren't included, which is okay because I'll put my energy into finding awesome mismatched ones that potentially have a theme).

The flea market was a great addition to a wonderful weekend that included work, long walks in the city, OutFest (like PRIDE), some delicious meals out, and juicy episodes of Lost.

This week: work, Project Runway finale, and a trip to Key West. That's right.

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Bobbie said...

Key West?! WHA? I don't know what is going on in your life anymore... Gah. P.S. One month until GT!