Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keeping Track

A LOT has happened since my last post. I got very sick (presumably an upper respiratory thing), I had my Liberation and Libations party (which was great), I lived through my last day at old work, I took a day trip to NYC (Brooklyn, specifically-- and more like an afternoon trip because of my friend's extremely characteristic and extremely annoying late start), and I started my new job, and now have two days under my belt.

Day One at the new job was strange because I was still a little sick, on meds, didn't have any coffee, and was generally disoriented because it was a new place with new people and all that. Nevertheless, it was a good day, and I left feeling optimistic. Also, when I left, I went straight to Happy Hour at a wine bar with two new colleagues that I like very much (and $3 glasses!).

Day Two was, in a word, awesome. I actually got some sleep the night before (before my first day felt like Christmas Eve-- or, um, the day before the first day of school-- when you barely get a wink), and I had a bunch of trainings which were great because my colleagues facilitated them-- not my supervisors, which is a big difference from the old place, where power is definitely an issue. In fact, I only really deal with my supervisor in meetings or if I have questions, which is also quite a change my sometimes secretarial-like duties previously. Also, I took the train in instead of driving and paying a fortune to park my car.

Taking public transportation was something I had been missing since leaving Boston. I mean, taking the T wasn't just another part of my daily routine, it was part of a culture that I belonged to. I lived off the Red Line, Ashmont branch, and took the Red Line all the way to work (a 30 minute ride). I know people that wouldn't date people that lived off of their line-- it was considered long distance if they had to transfer. And I get it, because I would feel inconvenienced when I would have to transfer more than once. But of course I did it, because that's how you got where you were going in Boston.

So, Association of Public Transporters, I'm back! And man-- am I going to get a lot of reading done.

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Bobbie said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations re: everything. Now it is time to plan our grand reunion!