Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Saturday

Unlike two weeks ago, last week FLEW by, and that's because I'm teaching again! So far I've been to two schools to administer the curriculum's pre-test, and I have yet to start at two more schools not next week, but the next. 16 classes in all, maybe 17 due to a scheduling issue at one of the schools. Whew!

Today is my day to clean the house. I've done everything except whipped the vacuum around, so I deserve a break (especially after slaving over the DISGUSTING shower curtain. This is what happens when four people live together, the house gets cleaned by a different person every other week, and you're the only one that cares to bother with the shower curtain. Maybe we need to have a house meeting.).

What really inspired me to post was discovering this AMAZING dress on today:

It's by a designer in Modesto, CA who makes all of her stuff out of recycled, vintage materials. I waaaaaant it. But alas, it's too small and too expensive, which is actually a good thing for this girl that's all about saving money right now.

PS. Isn't that model's hair adorable?! Not a far cry from my own 'do right now...I'd just need some more length on top and to snip my 'burns way up high and then mold them just so.

Check out the dress and the store here.

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Bobbie said...

I love that dress and am missing your postings. What is going on in your life, my precious Nee-Nees? Are you coming here for Thanksgiving? I think I have finally decided to stay... xoxoxoxo!!!