Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Saturday

Unlike two weeks ago, last week FLEW by, and that's because I'm teaching again! So far I've been to two schools to administer the curriculum's pre-test, and I have yet to start at two more schools not next week, but the next. 16 classes in all, maybe 17 due to a scheduling issue at one of the schools. Whew!

Today is my day to clean the house. I've done everything except whipped the vacuum around, so I deserve a break (especially after slaving over the DISGUSTING shower curtain. This is what happens when four people live together, the house gets cleaned by a different person every other week, and you're the only one that cares to bother with the shower curtain. Maybe we need to have a house meeting.).

What really inspired me to post was discovering this AMAZING dress on today:

It's by a designer in Modesto, CA who makes all of her stuff out of recycled, vintage materials. I waaaaaant it. But alas, it's too small and too expensive, which is actually a good thing for this girl that's all about saving money right now.

PS. Isn't that model's hair adorable?! Not a far cry from my own 'do right now...I'd just need some more length on top and to snip my 'burns way up high and then mold them just so.

Check out the dress and the store here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Not Saturday

This week has been crawling along. Maybe it's because I have my teaching schedule and am just waiting for it to start, sitting at my desk reading the news and searching for fun ice breakers in the meantime.

On a more positive note, though, the weather outside is delightful! Yesterday hit about 70 degrees, without dropping much lower in the morning and evening. When I stepped out for lunch, I could have sworn I was in San Diego. It was 55 when I left my house this morning in a 3/4 length sleeve oxford, wide leg pants, funky wedges, and a vintage scarf (as in lightweight decorative scarf-- not thick keep-warm scarf) around my neck. We're apparently not even reaching 70 today.

I absolutely love the transition from summer to fall, and I love fall even more. The problem with the change is determining what to wear. I was almost late for the train today because I was trying to figure it all out. I see people in sweaters and jackets, but I also see people in skirts and t-shirts. Part of the beauty of this weather is that you can wear almost anything and be comfortable, but then there's also a very good chance that you're going to end up either too hot or too cold. I'm sure that if I opened a fashion magazine right now, it'd feature the "bold new concept of layering" on almost every page. But layering requires many different pieces, which can only mean one thing: I need to go shopping.

So, my quest for the weekend is to find a few fabulous pieces that will guide me through the transition into fall, and stick with me through the transition into spring. Any must-haves I may not be aware of?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keeping Track

A LOT has happened since my last post. I got very sick (presumably an upper respiratory thing), I had my Liberation and Libations party (which was great), I lived through my last day at old work, I took a day trip to NYC (Brooklyn, specifically-- and more like an afternoon trip because of my friend's extremely characteristic and extremely annoying late start), and I started my new job, and now have two days under my belt.

Day One at the new job was strange because I was still a little sick, on meds, didn't have any coffee, and was generally disoriented because it was a new place with new people and all that. Nevertheless, it was a good day, and I left feeling optimistic. Also, when I left, I went straight to Happy Hour at a wine bar with two new colleagues that I like very much (and $3 glasses!).

Day Two was, in a word, awesome. I actually got some sleep the night before (before my first day felt like Christmas Eve-- or, um, the day before the first day of school-- when you barely get a wink), and I had a bunch of trainings which were great because my colleagues facilitated them-- not my supervisors, which is a big difference from the old place, where power is definitely an issue. In fact, I only really deal with my supervisor in meetings or if I have questions, which is also quite a change my sometimes secretarial-like duties previously. Also, I took the train in instead of driving and paying a fortune to park my car.

Taking public transportation was something I had been missing since leaving Boston. I mean, taking the T wasn't just another part of my daily routine, it was part of a culture that I belonged to. I lived off the Red Line, Ashmont branch, and took the Red Line all the way to work (a 30 minute ride). I know people that wouldn't date people that lived off of their line-- it was considered long distance if they had to transfer. And I get it, because I would feel inconvenienced when I would have to transfer more than once. But of course I did it, because that's how you got where you were going in Boston.

So, Association of Public Transporters, I'm back! And man-- am I going to get a lot of reading done.