Tuesday, August 19, 2008


If you've been keeping up with my posts, you know that I've had a couple secret obligations in the last two weeks. Well, it's time to reveal what they were and what came of them.

They were job interviews. With another Planned Parenthood affiliate. And I got the job. And I accepted. TA DA!!!

I delivered my 2 weeks' notice today, and after quite a bit of resistance on my supervisor's part (not flattery-- difficulty), it was altered a bit and accepted. I think she thinks she won. Anyway, I'm extremely pleased and excited with my decision to move on because of several factors, a few of which I'll list below:
+ Location...it's very convenient to many places and people of interest.
+ Schedule...no more nights and weekends! And getting out early often, because it's affiliated with schools' schedules.
+ The people...really, I don't know anything about my chemistry with my future coworkers yet, but I do know that I will no longer be working for someone I find [insert unprofessional adjectives here].

So, how am I going to celebrate?
+ Tonight, undecided. Maybe a nice dinner out. Or I could pick up a bottle of wine or bubbly.
+ Because I have to work all weekend, I have the rest of the workweek off. So Steve and I are going to Six Flags tomorrow!
+ The above outing will be followed by going to Steve's gig, staying at a friend's house, and going to the beach.
+ And then on Friday, I'm going thriftinnnnnn!
+ And finally, I'm planning a Liberation and Libations party...I'd like to have it on Labor Day. Get it? Labor?

In deciding to leave my current place of employment, I flip-flopped a lot because I would think about all of the good things that would make it worth it to stay, and all of the unknowns about the new place that could go horribly awry. But then I was watching The Sopranos, and Lady Soprano, Carmella, said,
"More is lost by indecision than wrong decision."

And that was that. How deep.

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Madmom said...

Oh wow, you are so right, very deep, darling! I like it. What did you have to give up to be able to walk away? Not your self respect, I am sure.