Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hop on my train of thought. Choo choo!

I disappeared! Some of the things aiding my disappearance:
-Work. Bah!
-My family reunion in North Carolina last weekend!

But I'm back now. (I just finished catching up with Bobbie's blog. It's fabulous.)

So here are the things I've been working on:
-Letting go of my sense of responsibility around the house. Don't get me wrong, I still take care of and clean up after myself, but I am trying REALLY HARD not to get totally irritated with the messes the guys leave around. Just a couple days ago, I discovered that Rob didn't know where the Windex was. We've lived there for a year, and he's been responsible for cleaning the house who knows how many times, and he doesn't know where the Windex is? It's not like we don't have any windows or mirrors. ANYWAY, it's that kind of stuff that I'm talking about. Now that I'm more experienced with living with messy roommates, I'm discovering that meeting them halfway really isn't a far enough journey on my part, and I should be meeting them even closer to their side. It's not fair, no, but if I'm the only one conscious enough to notice a problem, then I'm really the only one that can work to make me happy.

-Diving into the new responsibilities I've been given at work. Because of funding and staffing issues, I ended up taking a different job at my organization along with picking up the slack that comes with being understaffed. I've officially had certain new duties since August 1st, and more just keep coming. It's nice to be so busy, but it's also exhausting when it seems like I'm responsible for everything and can't say no to anything.

-That secret thing from last Wednesday? I have another secret thing this afternoon. Tee hee.

-Fantasizing about business endeavors. Steve's been having issues with both of the music schools he teaches for, and in hearing all of the complications, I'm envisioning a well-run, innovative music school that we could start. It's all mapped out in my head, but the thing is that ultimately, Steve (and his musician friends) doesn't want to teach music. He wants to play music. Be a rock star. Hence the term "fantasizing." (Did you just think of the House Bunny preview here? "Yeah! Hence!")

-Thinking about future trips to take. Coming back from a trip, even a short one, I'm reminded of how important travel is to me, and I think about all of the places I've been hoping to visit. Keeping some short-term travel goals in mind, now more than ever, my desire to take a trip to Boston is in the forefront. Since I was not given permission from work to attend a training there in September, I don't have a plan (just yet) of how and when to go. Also on the list is going home for my friend's wedding in November, and again, of course, for Christmas (this one is definitely happening). Unfortunately, the barriers I face are money and schedule. But these will never go away, so I really just need to figure it all out and enjoy it!

I have a ton more distractions and ideas swimming around in my mind, but for this blogcoming (like homecoming...I guess?) post, that will be all for now.

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Bobbie said...

Ahhh... a post... REFRESHING, I say. We had forgotten Jay's medicine... so... back we went.

I HATE SECRETS. Tell your facebook girlfriend what's up.

And yes, a visit is important/necessary/pleasepleaseplease. In fact, I've recently sent a request in writing. In my experience a request in writing cannot be denied.

I want to see House Bunny. *hangs head in shame*

How was the reunion?