Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Very Merry Half-Birthday to Me

Monday was my half-birthday (23.5, thank you), and since I worked on my actual birthday, and because I'm working all day this Saturday, I took the day off! On this special day, I went to the mall-- a place I haven't been in quite some time, to see what I could find.

And I found:
+ A pair of camel-colored, slightly pointy-toed leather pumps for $30!!! I have been looking for a pair of shoes JUST like these for over a year now (perhaps a year...and a half??), and it feels so amazing to have finally found them! They're very comfy Enzo Angiolini's. Oooh, ahhh.
+ A cute, button-up, slightly ruffly blue and white striped shirt from Ann Taylor Loft. (Surprisingly, the splurge of the afternoon.)
+ A half button-up tunic in a gorgeous red with roll-up sleeves that I can't wait to belt and work.
+ Two pairs of earrings with surgical steel posts. Black plastic hoops and gold and blue ornate danglies.

And all of this came to quite a bit under $100. Holla.

Also on Monday, Steve and I saw Batman (again for me), and went out to eat. We attempted to have sushi, but being a Monday night, the restaurant was closed, so we ended up steaking it at the Outback, mates. Yum.

In other news, I thought I broke my left index and middle fingers last night. I was in the living room stretching, watching The Sopranos, when I went to adjust, and SNAP! My fingers bent back to my wrists. It hurt soooo badly, and was the first time in a long, long while that I cried from physical pain. I spent the rest of the night with half a bag of frozen corn on my digits. They're feeling much better today though...but they are a bit weaker than their right-sided counterparts.

Changing subjects once again: work. I got a raise!!! And it's quite substantial (for me). I had to take a different position to get it, but it's one I would have applied for had I not already had my previous job anyway (in other words, it was my second choice when I was asked to choose a new position). So maybe less of my blog posts will be rants about my financial situation. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Well, that will just about do it for now. I'll end this with more things I'm looking forward to:
Tonight: Project Runway, Episode 3. Make it work!
Tomorrow: A Philadelphia Yelp open mic and art show at a historic theater.
Friday: My raise goes into effect!
Saturday: Although I have to work, I'll be at the Doubletree, which might mean COOKIES!!!
Sunday: A day off.
Wednesday: Shhhh! It's a secret...

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Bobbie said...

Is your secret coming to see Bobbie... because THAT would make me AWFULLY happy... except Wednesdays are my long days... so maybe it would make me sad, now that I think about it.


Anyway, BRAVO! on the shopping excursion and a very merry half-birthday, to you, to you! I'm so proud... I have not been having much luck at all lately (I accidentally bought panties that come up and COVER my belly button, for example... I guess I thought my ass = much larger than it actually is... for example) but am hoping to score some new clothes ASAP. At least tops. I've got the ITCH.

P.S. Yay post! I miss our blogging.