Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gift Horse

Sometimes I think, 'How would our relationship change if Steve and I didn't live together anymore? Maybe it would be kind of exciting, and seeing each other less often would make it feel like it did when we first started dating.' Things you think about when you've been living with your significant other for a while, I guess.

Well lately, I've been finding out what it's like. Steve and I still live together, but he has a gig nearly every night-- sometimes two gigs a day-- so since I stayed home sick on Tuesday, I have seen Steve a total of about four hours; only 3 of them in one clump.

I knew the summer would be difficult because his schedule's so full and mine is exactly opposite (meaning that I have a daytime/evening schedule and he has a late-night/morning schedule), but I didn't think it would be THIS opposite and that I'd see him for 4 hours...a week!

But I guess it is kind of exciting. We had lunch today and had so much to talk to about, and now it's fun to look forward to seeing each other again (not that I didn't look forward to seeing him before, but it's amplified now). So it's kind of cool.

It's not cool hanging out at home watching baseball with Rob, though. Haha.

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