Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And girl? You better work.

While I still really want the shoes from my last post, I have decided to instead spend my clothing and accessories money on more work-friendly attire (for now).

Our new CEO is one strict mother-shut-yo-mouth when it comes to the dress code. In fact, she's even sent home certain higher-ups for supposedly showing too much cleavage! Now, the busty gals out there know that sometimes it is very difficult not to show a little bit of the jigglies, so I've been stressing out about my work wardrobe (which, to be honest, is pretty much my entire wardrobe since I just wear my pajamas when I'm at home) since a certain "dress code crackdown" email was sent to everyone in the organization.

Amy knows what's up:

So over the lovely, not-so-relaxing-but-very-fun holiday weekend, I was able to purchase a few new items. Since I was in Atlantic City, I hit the J. Crew outlet and came home with a couple tanks for under shirts (mine were really dingy), a nice solid, v-neck shirt, and an adorable, military-inspired swing coat in blue (a great alternative to a jean jacket!). I also visited the Claire's in AC, but their "Sensitive Solutions" options just aren't what they used to be. Then, in Seaside Heights, I headed straight for one of my new favorite boutiques (okay, my only favorite boutique because I don't shop at any others), Lucky Lady, and found a funky brown top that will take some getting used to, but is pretty darn cute. I also bought some bright blue Havaianas there (for under $10-- a first!), but those are clearly not for work. As a result of purchasing the new flip flops, I have retired my hemp Rainbows of two years. RIP, babies.

I'm still on the lookout for crisp button-ups that won't shrink or burst to the point of inappropriateness...if they exist, and anything else that's adorable and affordable. Any thoughts/tips?


Madmom said...

It has been a whole week with that shoe on the top of your blog...it is about time you added some new news!
Thank you.

Bobbie said...

Knits from the banana outlet, I say!

P.S. Jealous, schmelous... move back to Boston and be my one and only... this facebook girlfriend status thing is just a tease!

No pictures from the beach, hmm?!

Bobbie said...

I also second your mom's frustrations...

We have GOT to be better about blogging again!