Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who dat?

Wow, I must have been pretty busy for the past 11 days. Let's recap.

Last weekend, I traveled to Southern California for the wedding of my dear friend Jenna (pictures to come). Here's my itinerary:
Thursday, ass o'clock: wake up, go to the airport.
Fly to Atlanta.
Fly to LA and babysit the one year-old and two year-old I shared the row with. Land exhausted and hungry.
Get picked up by my mom, get lunch, and drive to our AWESOME hotel.
Take a walk on the beach (about 15 minutes).
Get dressed for the casual rehearsal dinner. Attendance: 40 (at least 15 of them children).
Be at the Newport Temple (Latter Day Saints) at 10:15 on Friday morning. Wait outside with the photographers and the groom's parents for about an hour, when everyone finally comes out for pictures. Jenna and Steve are now officially married.
After pictures, race back to the hotel where I change out of my dress and check out. My mom and I had 3 and a half hours to get to the reception site for a ring ceremony rehearsal, which was an hour and a half away without traffic.
Get on the road and eat lunch (at Mimi's, yay!).
Arrive at the reception site at 5:15 (an hour and 15 minutes late because of traffic, and, unfortunately, lunch).
Ring ceremony starts sometime after 6pm.
Walk the 1/8-mile aisle.
Enjoy the lovely ceremony.
Dine at the reception (I had beef. Mom had chicken.) Get hit on mercilessly by one of the waiters. "He did everything but kiss her!" -Jenna's mom
Head back to the hotel, have a drink with mom, and crash.
On Saturday, we drove to Matthew's in Culver City (West LA). We had lunch at an awesome restaurant, then said goodbye to our dearest mother. We then drove to Santa Monica, and walked from there to Venice Beach and back. He bought flip flops and I bought a ceramic Dia de los Muertos skull (pictures to come). Then we had sushi, went back to his place, watched Seinfeld (The Marine Biologist, The Dinner Party, and The Pie; all Season 5), and crashed.
Sunday, it was back to Philly. My flights were very relaxing (albeit long), and I was home at around midnight. Thank goodness I took Monday off.

This week is a bit more mellow, though playing catch-up at work has kept me on my toes.

Coming up:
I was planning to go to my aunt's/cousins' house in Long Island this weekend, but Steve's gig there was canceled, and I'm afraid to shell out the gas money (get it? Shell?)

Tonight there's a going-away dinner for our friend that works in China, which I may or may not attend (I weeded the yard yesterday then went to a dinner party and am sore and tired). I'm thinking about going to "Cocktails for a Cause: Sex (and Politics) in the City" sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA on Tuesday in Philly. We shall see.

And finally, I'm entering to be an MTV News Correspondent at the 2008 International AIDS Conference Youth Summit in Mexico City later this summer. Wish me luck!

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