Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly blog posts? Not good enough! My apologies. Things just aren't that interesting right now!

News at work is at a standstill while my boss gets married (on Saturday) and goes on her honeymoon, more funds are procured, we interview more people to round out our department, and I wait to grab hold of my new position (in August).

Steve and I won't be moving into our own place just yet (as hoped), since our landlord lowered our rent (What? That NEVER happens!), and I like Gooch and have decided to "eff it" regarding Rob. Right now it's more important to save money than be 100% satisfied with my living situation. Not quite survival mode, but something like it.

Speaking of modes, after a little over a month off, I'm getting back into gym mode. When working up the motivation to go, I just have to convince myself that I really do like it and feel better afterward (which I do, but it's so easy to forget). My first workout back was surprisingly not as hard as I thought it would be. Whoo!

Some bad news: My boss did not give me the OK to attend the conference in Boston this September. It looks like our glorious reunion will have to wait.

But...some things I'm looking forward to:
-My boss's wedding. After hearing about it and getting little previews for 8 months, I'm ready to see how everything comes together (and also get it over with).
-The 4th of July weekend! Steve is playing at the shore from Thursday through Sunday (maybe even Monday), so we're going to stay down there for the weekend. Not sure whose houses we'll be hopping to and from just yet, but we'll work it out. NO CAR SLEEPING!!!
-The new season of Project Runway starts on July 16th.
-The new batman movie on the 18th.
-My family reunion (mom's side) in early August!!!

I now leave you with a jarring image:

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