Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ill fresh, roomies, and ebizzay

Well, Day 2 of being home sick. I really have to go back to work tomorrow because I need to prepare for a conference downstate on Thursday, but I don't know that I'm going to be feeling much better.

ANYWAY, our new (not Dan) roomie moved in over the weekend, and he and I are getting along very well. It's kind of funny that Dan was so bad that he made Rob seem like a good roommate, but now that Gooch (yes, Gooch) is here and doing great, Rob seems worse (read: like either a 9 or 90 year-old that needs taking care of, sulks about things, etc.). I mean, how hard is it to take the empty jar of spaghetti sauce the two steps from the counter to the recycling bin? Lots of little things, and a couple big ones, you know?

Oh! I sold two dresses and a purse on ebay! I didn't make a lot of money off of them, but it's not like they were making any money for me being unused in my closet. We'll see what I post in my next round of items.

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