Sunday, June 8, 2008


This weekend was a turning point in my life down/over here (depending on if you're reading this in Boston or California).

Although Steve's friends have been very accepting of me from the start (even before I moved here), and even though I've lived here for over 9 months, I always felt like they were Steve's friends, not mine. This weekend, I spent both Friday and Saturday nights with Steve's friends, and Steve only made a couple cameos throughout. And now I feel like it's official: they're MY friends now, too.

On Friday, I had dinner and went bar-hopping with one group in downtown West Chester. Steve showed up for the last 10 minutes. On Saturday, I went to a jazz festival at a winery that some of *our* other friends own/work at and ended up staying over, Steve showing up and leaving with me, but disappearing for a good portion of the middle for a gig.

It was actually really liberating, getting to hang out with people without Steve. I've been doing this all along, but with people from work or ones that Steve doesn't know very well. Of course he was missed throughout both activities, but I'm not gonna lie: I had a BLAST.


Bobbie said...

Yaaaaaay! :)

Bobbie said...

Oh no... our blogging slump has begun... but I totally miss hearing about your life-o.