Friday, June 6, 2008


I am feeling A LOT better (projecting a 100% reading on/by Sunday)! Fridays are my sleep-in days (for now) because I work late, but I had completely forgotten about it last night when I set my alarm for regular wake-up time. The cathedral chimes went off and I was like, "what's FRIDAY!"

I turned off my alarm clock and almost went straight back to sleep when I realized that next to me, the bed was empty. At almost 7am, it's possible that Steve was still on his way back from Atlantic City (if he stayed after his gig to hang out and play poker), but I knew that he was too exhausted yesterday to do that. I left my phone downstairs so I got up to see if he had called.

I got a text from him at about 4am saying he was staying at his parents' house for the night.


In other news: I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA NEXT WEEK!!! I'm going to start working out my packing logistics this weekend. My goal: carry-on without getting my bridesmaid dress wrinkled.

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