Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I just sent to Marshalls:

Hello, I am writing because I recently had a very unsatisfactory experience at one of your stores (Marple Crossing in Springfield, PA).

Here's what happened:
Earlier this week, I was in the store and found a swimsuit that I wanted to purchase. It was missing the bottoms, so I went to Customer Service to see if I could get the top at a discount. She informed me that the top could not be sold without the bottom. She then took my name and phone number, and said that the store would call when they found the bottoms. I asked if I could still purchase the top if the bottoms were not found. She said yes.

When I didn't get a phone call for the next 4 days or so, I decided to go back to the store. The Customer Service rep couldn't find the suit behind the register and said it must be back on the racks. And that's exactly where I found it; still without a bottom, but WITH MY NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ATTACHED!

I purchased the suit at full price without the bottoms (because I didn't want to go through this ordeal again), but informed the representative of what happened and got only a blank look in return.

It's very upsetting to know that not only was I not followed up with as originally told, but my name and phone number was floating about the store for anyone to discover. Also, I don't believe I should have had to pay full price for just a bathing suit top.

Part of me wishes that I could have walked away without buying the item, but come on: a good bathing suit is hard to find.

I appreciate your time and any action you may take to make me a happy Marshalls customer again.

Thank you,
Nina Baltierra


Madmom said...

Everything that happened at Marshall's was just wrong! I really hated that your name and number was still on the top and then you still had to pay full price. Let me know if you hear from Marshall's, I'll help if I can.

Bobbie said...

You Baltis are totally inspired when it comes to making companies rectify situations! I hope you have as much success as your sweet mum!

Stupid Marshalls.

How funny/creepy would it have been to get a random call from some stranger... like uh.... Hi Nina.