Friday, May 23, 2008

Weddings, abortions, and holidays-- oh my!

Well, it's wedding weekend #1 for the brides of 2008! (It's actually the second wedding this year for my relations, but I was unable to attend the first.)

Last night was a fabulous rehearsal and dinner. I'm doing Day-Of Coordination for this one, and after watching the rehearsal, I'm beginning to wonder how much responsibility I'm actually going to have, since the venue has it down. I've been doing a lot of little things here and there, though, so hopefully the bride will consider me a worthy investment anyway.

Things at work are...strange right now, and I won't know whether it's a good strange or a bad strange for a little while. And that's all I'm at liberty to say. Oh, also, Bush is attempting to reinstate Reagan's domestic "Gag Rule" that restricts abortion providers. Keep your eyes open in case things get ugly, and do what you gotta do on the grassroots level to keep our reproductive freedoms.

Monday is Memorial Day! My town is so cute, with American flags lining the main street. Although I don't really care to be blatantly patriotic myself, it's kind of fun to live in a town that is. I'd like to go to the beach on Monday, but am worried about the crowds. Any outdoor ideas for a day that the whole country likes to spend outside?

Grievance of the day: My mail carrier keeps delivering mail, but is not taking the outgoing mail when he does so.

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Diana said...

You were awesome and so on top of everything. My brain turned to mush on the day of and you were able to do what I was not. Everybody was saying how much they NEED a Nina! It would not have gone so well without all of you help and assistance. Thank you!