Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mi marido esta dormiendo

This week has been crazy. I worked Monday through Saturday, including Friday night, and today I get to relaaaax. I stayed in bed a little longer than I ordinarily would, since--grab your buckets--Steve is just so good at cuddling. I brought my coffee pot down out of the cupboard to avoid making myself look semi-presentable and walking to Wawa.

Steve hired some neighbor kid to mow our lawn. This morning the kid knocked on the door and asked if it was okay to start. He wanted to know if my husband was home and if he'd wake him up. That was both a hilarious and heart-warming experience, let me tell you. It was also really appropriate because I just read a book last night called, Unmarried to Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple. I particularly enjoyed the chapter where they discuss what to call your partner (they advocated for that one), what to call your partner's family, and a bunch of stuff in between. Steve and I had actually talked about this before. We usually use boyfriend and girlfriend, but I often switch to partner in certain company. A couple years ago, Steve suggested that he call me his One and Only (or something equally cheesy), and I said no (because of the cheese-factor and the fact that I was satisfied with girlfriend). But now I'm starting to get it, because there's something about "boy/girlfriend" that just doesn't connote the kind of relationship we have.

So hearing the kid call Steve my husband sounded appropriate, but it was hardly accurate. Spanish is awesome, because it actually has a word that means spouse without the legal meaning of husband and wife: marido (though a lot of legal spouses use this term anyway). But Spanish also has words that mean husband and wife too: esposo/a. If only English could make as much sense.

But anyway, I highly recommend the book to anyone in a situation similar to mine and Steve's, where marriage may or may not be in the future (either by choice or because of lame laws). The writers also founded a grassroots organization for the rights of unmarried people (whether they're in a marriage-like relationship or not) called the Alternatives to Marriage Project. Check it out!


Madmom said...

Oh come on...just bite the f-ing bullet and tie the knot!

Bobbie said...

Wow... tricky, tricky smart Spanish!

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