Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron Nina

I made delicious chicken last night! In my time buying groceries and cooking things (a pretty new thing for me), I've learned that I'm an overcooker. I certainly don't try to take all the juices out of chicken breasts and pork just happens. I think it's my fear, instilled partially by Chef Gordon Ramsay, of serving raw meat. The other night, I cooked up some Italian sausage. Adamant in my goal not to overcook it, I served it too soon and had to head back to the stove, my fear realized. So last night, completely scared about e coli, I whipped up some chicken breasts flavored with lemon and lime juices, and the chicken was perfect; and just the right amount of tangy! I'm so proud of myself.

In other news, I got my hair cut today and it feels so fresh and fab. My stylist also got super excited when I mentioned Mary Kay. New client time!

Future plans:
Tonight- AC with Steve and Sara to see Steve's band, which he's not playing in tonight (former bassist's last gig).

Tomorrow- taking most of the day off and SLEEPING IN, getting my oil changed, running any other necessary errands, and teaching at a detention center at night (oooh!).

Saturday- a health fair and drinks with some ladies in Philly that night.

Sunday- free, free, free!!!

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