Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey May, what's up?

Marshalls Results, Part II: I came home from VA last night to a $25 Marshalls gift card and letter of apology. Thank you, corporate!!!

Weekend Report: VA was wonderful! Bobbie graduated and I am so proud of her!!! I got to see Jay, Laura, and quite a variety of characters that are Bobbie's family and friends. Also, despite her house being mostly packed for her move to Boston (South End, represent!), her decor was super inspiring and I am so excited to build up my furniture and housewares collection for a future abode that will house only me and Steve (sigh, someday).

This Week: Mary Kay unit meeting tonight, a two-day training tomorrow and Wednesday (grocery shopping somewhere in there), a rehearsal dinner on Thursday, teaching and a bachelorette party on Friday, relax on Saturday, day-of wedding coordination (and guesting) on Sunday, and the shore on Monday (if the crowds don't scare me away). Should go pretty quickly!

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