Thursday, May 8, 2008

All that and...

As we approach Grocery Day in the Soltierra household, I managed dinner with a grilled cheese sandwich. I wanted something to go along with it, and found one of those single serving bags of chips atop the frige. Instead of eating them bag-lunch style, I decided to pour them onto the plate that would hold my gooey sandwich. Behold, the entire contents of the bag:

At first I was outraged (and I still am, a little). How DARE they put so few chips-- and soooo few whole chips-- into this bag and sell it to people? Then I read the nutrition information. The bag contained 1/2 ounce of chips (about 7 of them), and will supply you with 70 calories. Fair enough, I thought, and proceeded to supplement my meal with a small salad. In considering the second side to my sandwich, I became grateful that the bag contained so few chips and gave me the opportunity to add something nutritious and-- gasp!-- grown-up to my dinner.

As I took my final bites, I was still a little bitter about the lack of chips the bag supplied, but will now think twice about grabbing some for a snack. I think they should change the saying to, "All that and a side salad." *air snap, snap, snap*

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Bobbie said...

It's so sad they won't sell you just the top for cheaper. What weirdos. There are other places to obtain bottoms people, geez!

As for my legs... that's the beauty of Photobooth... nice hazy lighting... love you, Macbook, love you. :)

P.S. You said coochie. HA! This is the family word for vagina. Love it.