Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Pictures of the yellow dress! (And an adorable dog named Puck.)

And this one has some belt detail:

It will be even CUTER when I have a bit of a tan. Soon...

In other news, I won a Franco Sarto purse at my Mary Kay unit meeting last night! Oh, how I love free things.

Annnd...my friend got me and Steve on the list for a sold out Kate Nash show on Saturday. It was awesome! Her new, unreleased stuff wasn't as good as the stuff on the album Bobbie so kindly burned (er...downloaded from itunes) for me, but it was a great show, and she taught me that "You don't have to suck dick to succeed."


Bobbie said...

1. As I mentioned on facebook, Cute, cute, cute!
2. I actually bought that CD from Target. Like it was 1997. Dope!
3. Good words of wisdom, Kate Nash. And thank goodness... cause we all know how I feel about this.

Two hugs.

Bobbie said...

Thaaank you! They're scrapbooking supplies... isn't that strange? I just thought they were fun... and the envelopes were from crappy cards I got a while ago at Barnes and Noble. :)

Madmom said...

Very stylish looking, I couldn't figure out what was on the left side neckline until I remembered that it was a shower and I am assuming that they are clothes pins. You need a California tan and so does my darling Bobbie. Plus I am here to say that Kate Nash is right, thank God!