Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Song Sung Blue

Monday was a horrible, horrible day. I got to work feeling refreshed, although my weekend was jam-packed and I haven't slept in, it's bad if you don't remember. But anyway, I was feeling good regardless.

And then my facial hardware started acting up, and I got, quite possibly, the worst headache of my life. It started a little before lunch. I took some Tylenol, but it eventually wore off (and didn't really work very much in the first place). And since on Mondays I work over 12 hours, I was DONE by the time I got home. I didn't even take off my jacket in the entryway or put my purse down. I went right up to my room, carefully laid down, and cried while holding my head. Steve came up a few minutes later, and right when he realized I was crying, rushed over and held me (awwww). I eventually got up and got ready for bed, but Steve stayed with me until I (almost) fell asleep. I was impressed-- and extremely grateful-- because Monday nights are the nights when both Dan and Rob are home, so they basically have a little party, but he stayed with me anyway.

I've been fine since Tuesday morning, but Steve called me at work to check on me (and Bobbie called to tell me that it was Neil Diamond week on American Idol-- thanks Hobs!).

So that's what has been happening with me. Meanwhile, work has been crazy because, well, imagine working in a little office with 4 other women. That's all I'll say about that.

I'm leaving work a little early today (since I'm working Friday night and most of Saturday), and going to the gym before the after-work crowd. But right now, I've gotta go get some grub.

Monday, April 28, 2008

me no want to write.

My weekend in pictures (and captions):

An elementary school talent show.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.


Assisted at my friend's vintage store.

Flea market.

Sold some MK.

Started The Sopranos.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Resume-style update

Finished a 2-day training today (as a co-trainer). I'm beat.

Enjoyed a nice drive on some Garden State country roads to hang out/practice Mary Kay stuff on a new friend. This friendship is clearly in the water-testing phase and the jury's out.

Got my tarot cards read last night by my friend and coworker, Diana (hi Diana, if you're reading this, and thank you!). It really is...not spooky, but a reading can go. I left quite pleased, but also very curious and anxious about what's in store.

Falling asleep at computer. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Pictures of the yellow dress! (And an adorable dog named Puck.)

And this one has some belt detail:

It will be even CUTER when I have a bit of a tan. Soon...

In other news, I won a Franco Sarto purse at my Mary Kay unit meeting last night! Oh, how I love free things. friend got me and Steve on the list for a sold out Kate Nash show on Saturday. It was awesome! Her new, unreleased stuff wasn't as good as the stuff on the album Bobbie so kindly burned (er...downloaded from itunes) for me, but it was a great show, and she taught me that "You don't have to suck dick to succeed."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I think I can.

Bobbie will be pleased to learn that I wore my new yellow dress today. It's the only item from our spree that I considered returning once I got back.

Buuuut I accessorized like mad and it was really adorable and perfect for a bridal shower. I would have taken a picture, but I went to the gym after, so I'm not even wearing it anymore. Maybe next time.

Tonight, Steve and I are having a date night, I guess? I was thinking about trekking to Dewey Beach, DE (about 2 hours from here) to see Cassavettes (Glenn's band) at the Dewey Beach Pop Fest. But Steve said that he had plans for us and won't say what they are. And because I'm a sucker for surprises, I'm really tempted to blow the 'Vettes off. But I missed them last weekend when they were in Philly, and I haven't seen them in almost a year, so I'm really quite torn. How'd you like that ride on my train of thought? Toot toot!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Alive! Aliiiiiive!

Miss me?

I missed you.

Things were hectic. They still are hectic. That being said, a Cliff-/Spark-notes style update:

1) I got a raise! Since it's minuscule, I am going to live like I didn't get one, and at the end of the fiscal year, give myself a "bonus," which means take the yearly extra and do whatever I want with it (which, let's face it, will probably be putting most of it right back into savings).

2) Perhaps mentioned earlier, my department was moved to the office building next door to the main administrative building. We've been quarantined. Luckily, we've all been too busy to get on each others' nerves (too much).

3) Since it seems like no part-time job works for me, I'm giving my own business a shot as a Mary Kay Consultant. I'll hook you guys up with my website once my inventory arrives.

4) Dan (the new roomie) and I don't get along. Mainly because he keeps trying to weasel out of paying for things. There are two long stories to accompany this point. The good news: HE'S MOVING OUT!!! He'll be gone by mid-May, and if we can't find anyone we know and trust to take his room, he's going to keep paying rent because he signed the lease and it's his responsibility. (We're not actively looking for anyone to take his place.)

5) Shopping with Bobbie was AMAZING. The list of things I got:
-A pair of blueish teal Steve Madden heels at Nordstrom Rack
-Gray plaid slacks and a white, short-sleeved Oxford from Gap
-An appropriately ruffly black top from Ann Taylor
-4 shirts from H&M
-3 dresses from TJ Maxx (one at each end of the dressy spectrum, and one in the middle)
-A breakfast sandwich and two coffees from Starbucks
-A burger and lemonade from Red Robin
-An amazing gold bathing suit from Old Navy. Just kidding! But I may get it later...

Did I miss anything, Bobbie? Perhaps I will post pictures later. I'm exhausted. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I spent the day shopping at flea markets and thrift stores yesterday. I got a ton of great stuff, and my love of secondhand goodies is always reaffirmed every time I go (which is becoming a Saturday habit), but I must say: a girl needs a mall every once in a while.

Since Steve got the job with the band, he needs a bit of a makeover (YAY!!!). So we're going shopping today. I have vowed not to spend a dime on myself, because I am saving said dime (and then some) for OUTLET SHOPPING WITH BOBBIE IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!

So today I'm taking Steve to places like Old Navy, Marshall's, maybe TJ Maxx, Target, and the mall (which was his suggestion, not mine, surprisingly). The plan is to stick to places where bargains live, because sometimes it really is about quantity (and yes, Marshall's and TJ Maxx have brand-name clothing at discounted prices).

And just because I have to share, some highlights from yesterday's finds include:
- A gray and silver vintage dress that fits like whoa and looks like wonderfulness.
- Purple boots! Very subtle color, not too high a heel.
- A big, white, Trifari necklace (I'm becoming a vintage designer snob).
- Adorable Adidas sneakers! Because sometimes, you just don't want to wear Chucks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Return of the FHCs

There's something about the air on a warm, sunny evening after a rainy day that makes me crave Flamin' Hot Cheetos like never before. I need them. I mean, it HAS been since September.