Friday, March 7, 2008


Things I want to do:

1. Repurpose two old sweaters. One is a dreadfully gorgeous green cashmere that unfortunately got eaten by moths. The other is a nice brown v-neck that is too big to work. I'd like to make a scarf out of their sleeves, but what shall I do with the torsos? And don't say a pillow.

2. Start an ebay store. Things at the bistro aren't looking good (long story), but I still need extra cash on my (schedule's) terms. I already have a list of items in my head that I think will be some money-makers.

3. Learn how to play the drums. Steve somehow has two drum students, and has consequently started taking lessons (how can he teach someone else if he doesn't know how to play?). He needs to buy a kit, so I'm going to chip in some green to live the dream.

4. Get a tattoo. What else is new? Steve and I were playing cards last night, and the CVS brand cards have this really intricate, pretty design on the back. I may use them as a jumping-off point for my design. Inspiration can come from the strangest places sometimes.

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