Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Evening Update

Some noteworthy happenings:

The secret thing that I was looking forward to on Friday fell through. I'm trying to use my powers to make it happen-- maybe this weekend-- anyway.

The pub crawl has also been postponed indefinitely.

Buuuut, because of the ridiculously long week I just worked, I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off! Monday will consist of thrift store shopping with my friend Sara (the vintage maven). She knows all the good ones.

Dan moved in on Friday and I've been trying to figure out the very best way to use space around here since the office has been dissolved to become his bedroom. I flipped through organization books at Borders today, but most of them consist of encouraging an unnecessary trip to The Container Store, or assume that my shelves and drawers are empty and all of my belongings are on the floor. "Keep colorul vases and throws on your bookshelves!" Sounds nice, but I happen to have books on mine.

Dan is storing this fantastic bar in our garage which would be a tremendous help, but that would require the guitars, amps, mic stands, and all other music equipment du jour to be put in the basement where they belong (instead of the corners of the dining room).

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Bobbie said...

I might have another package-o-random to send out to you soon. :) Bet you are too excited about the impending visit from Matthew.