Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Read All About It

Some news:
I've enrolled in a class at the community college. It's Grant Writing and Research, and it's one of six courses to get the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) certification. The plan is to go all the way and complete all of the courses (which include Event Planning, Press Releases, and Non-Profits), but if I only get a couple courses under my belt, then that's fine too.

I have a few reasons for doing this:
1) I actually miss school.
2) I'm extremely interested in fundraising and development, and always have been.
3) I want to be more marketable for future jobs (if they involve development, of course).

Some other news:
Matthew (my brother) and Heather (my cousin) are coming to visit this weekend! Here's our rough schedule as of now:

-Arrival in the afternoon
-Get some grub, if necessary
-Check out where our moms grew up (about 15 minutes away from my house)
-Meet up with John, a family friend who's like an uncle and in Philly for work.
-Go to dinner at the ever-so-popular Cuba Libre.
-Bar hop the remainder of the night.

-Sleep in
-Chow down on some brunch
-Run up the "Rocky Steps" (at the Philadelphia Museum of Art)
-Head to South Street for walking, shopping, and cheesesteaks
-Regroup at home
-Trek to a dive bar in central PA to see Steve play in his new band

-Sleep in
-Do whatever until it's time for them to head back to NY (sad face).

This weekend is gonna be off the chain.


Bobbie said...

I owe you a million comments. Those classes look insanely helpful, especially job wise... and the itinerary for the bro/cuz invasion looks delightful. So busy is the Nina.

Bobbie said...

OHHHHHHH AND THANK YOU FOR MY PACKAGE! What a fun surprise to return home to. I lurrrrrrve it. :)

Madmom said...