Saturday, March 29, 2008

Material Girl

I did, in fact, go shopping. Here's what I bought:

Sandals. Aerosoles, super comfy, perfect for work and play. TJ Maxx, $24.99

Aviator sunglasses. Perry Ellis (for men), have been on my list for some time. TJ Maxx, $12.99. I look really scary in this picture.

Watch. Anne Klein, genuine leather, working battery. Thrift store, $3.00 (proceeds go to Domestic Violence Awareness Project in Delaware County)

Purse. Kate Spade (I do believe it is a knockoff), fabulous purple durple. Plato's Closet, $15.00

Left: A fun silver sparrow I once coveted at the ridiculously-priced rockstar store, MetroPark. Very Sailor Jerry, is it not? Plato's Closet, $5.00
Right: Awesome double necklace in yellow gold with flower pendant and green stone. Previously mentioned thrift store, $3.00

ALSO...a replacement for Steve's shabby hoodie! A simple gray Gap one that fits perfectly (no picture because he's out and about, wearing it). Plato's Closet, $12.00

And to think, I was only going to HomeGoods for a duvet cover. Oh well, maybe at Virginia!

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Bobbie said...

You've inspired me to give Plato's closet a try... we have one here but I've never been in. Hmm... :) Yaaaay, shopping!