Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help me, Tim Gunn!

I'm going through another financial freakout right now. I was just in Target and managed to put the $24 worth of merchandise back on the racks, and now that I'm going through this, I am SO happy I did. For $24!!! This is horrible.

So here's what I'm going to do. And I have to accept that this might take some time.

[] I will eat only the food I buy from the grocery store.
[] I will make delicious, healthy meals and take them to work every day. (I take my lunch to work now, but I'm sure I can do it better.)
[] I will eat all of my vegetables before they go bad.
[] I will not partake of Steve's trips to the corner pizza place. I will make something for myself.
[] I will not buy a cup of coffee that costs more than $2.00, and not more than once a week.

That covers a lot of the food stuff. In other places to cut back on spending...
[] I will drive as little as I possibly can.
[] I will take less trips to Goodwill.
[] I will not turn on the heat unless I absolutely have to.
[] I will stop browsing my favorite online stores out of boredom.

Now the question is what I'm going to do to bring in some more money, because when I look at my expenses, most of them are absolutely necessary and my problem actually has nothing to do with spending.

[] Work on Saturdays as a counselor at work (on the Saturdays I'm not already working as an educator)
[] Sell on ebay (in the works)
[] Keep options open

I just REALLY don't want to resort to a ramen and water diet.

PS to Bobbie: this freakout and the above reforms will in no way affect our trip on April 12th. I'll make it work.


Bobbie said...

A) The titles of your entries are always so clever.

B) Nannying/babysitting is quick money... cash in hand, instant grat... and easy enough depending on the children involved

C) If the shopping trip becomes a problem do let me know... though I am totally excited.

Bobbie said...

The third one totally reminds me of you! The color and the neckline... in fact, Im going to give it a shot but if it doesn't work out maybe I'll bring it to our shopping trip and you can try it on. (I think I might've gotten a size too small... : / Hmmm... we'll see.) Hey... did you ever try on that H&M dress? The red one? Just curious. :)