Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ten

Things I'm looking forward to, in chronological order:

1. Project Runway Finale Part I. (Tonight)
2. Payday. (Friday)
3. Early dismissal at work. (Friday- because Saturday is going to be a looooong one)
4. Dan moves in and officially lowers our rent and utility bills. (Friday)
5. Something else. It's a secret! (Friday)
6. Bar-hopping in Philly with some seriously cool folks. They already have the route all mapped out, and these places sound awesome. (Saturday)
7. Sleeping in. (Sunday)
8. Project Runway Finale Part II. (March 5)
9. The Philly Flower Show- it's kind of a big deal. (March 7)
10. Matthew (my broheim) and Heather (my cuzheim) come to visit!!! (March 13-16)

And because I couldn't help it:


Diana said...

I have missed you in the office so I visited your blog. It was great seeing you, that is a great pic.

I LOVE the Philly flower show. I think it has been a couple years since I have gone, but it does rock.

Madmom said...

You are going to the flower show?! Have fun and think of me, wish I was going with you.
Wolverine is so happy (did alcohol have anything to do with it or is he just happy to be dating Rainbow Brite?), fun photo Nini!