Saturday, February 2, 2008

The other other white "meat"

Today = Saturday, and Saturday = errand day. I had last Saturday off because my car was being babysat by the dealership AND I was getting by with just enough food and toiletries to last one more week.

First, CVS:
The plan was to drop off my prescription, go to Borders, and then go back to CVS to do some shopping and pick up my prescription. What happend instead was I dropped off my prescription, and at the part where the pharmacist asks if I want to wait or if I'll come back later, she just walked away! I was just standing there with a confused/offended look on my face when the pharmacist's colleague walked up to the counter and said it'd be ready in 15. Since standing there shaved a minute off the wait, I decided to just do my shopping right then.

Next, Borders:
I love bookstores. It took me a while to get into them...sometimes in college, we'd all go to the Pru Barnes and Noble and just browse, browse, browse, but I would really be checking out guys and wishing I was in Jasmine Sola. (WOAH! I just made myself sound WAY more superficial and anti-book than I ever have been in my life. It's just that I was never into the browsing part of bookstores; most of my reading list came from personal recommendations that were usually given to me.) Now I'm a huge fan of browsing, and probably spent over an hour there today, ultimately selecting books from my last 10 minutes in the store. I found:

+ A one-dish meal cookbook that features recipes straight from the 50s--some of them even call for SPAM.

+ A little, hopefully-funky novel called Don't Sleep with Your Drummer. Hey, it was two bucks and has a catchy title.

+ A book I had been eyeing for my broheim's birthday (which I won't name just in case he decides to stop being too cool to read my, or any, blog). It was little more expensive than I would have liked, but I had a coupon and I won't have to pay for shipping because he's coming to visit in March!!!

Finally, Target:
I wasn't originally planning to stop by, but I still had some energy along with a nice little gift card I got from Rob for my birthday. I looked at housewares, accessories (purses, belts, and shoes), bedding (I really couldn't help it), and clothes. I took two trips to the dressing rooms, and in the end, walked away empty-handed. The only section that truly impressed was bedding, and let's face it: the stuff we have is great; it just needs to be cleaned. Next time, Target, next time.

Super Bowl XLII party! (I'm going for the wings.)


Bobbie said...

*sigh* Target let me down last time, too.

I had an errand-y Saturday as well... I sure wish we had spent them together.

curiously carolyn said...

Don't Sleep with your Drummer is an awesome book! I'm glad you found it on your own, since I was negligent in not recommending it to you sooner. I hope you like it too!