Friday, February 15, 2008

My portfolio, anyone?

Pictures are in! Here are some of me....

Wearing a ridiculous hat.

This dress was a little big, but I loved it AND the boots!

I had always wanted to take a picture like this one. Now all I need is satin.

I ended up taking this dress home with me. It needs some repairs, but I LOVE it.

This was the most debated outfit of the night. The stylist/photographer/store owner thought it looked "so high fashion" while a friend and I thought it was ridiculous. Either way, I actually really love this picture.

This one is my favorite. Those shoes are SMOKIN.

Check out the store here. None of the items I'm modeling are for sale right now (that I know of), but check out all the other great things!

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Those pictures are freakin' adorable, Nina. Seriously... you should've taken all that stuff home! (Except the green pants.... hmm.)

I actually really love the leopard on you.. you need to break out this fierceness more often! Tyra would be proud.