Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Facts of My Life, This Week

I got a part-time job! It's a new restaurant (er, bistro) that hasn't opened yet just blocks from work. I don't know what position they're going to give me, but I'm actually hoping to be a host because then I won't have to rely on tips. It's really neat seeing a restaurant in the stages before it opens, and I've met a lot of the staff already, and the group is so diverse and pretty cool. The place is going to be a little pretentious, though: "We're a bistro, not a restaurant. We have guests, not customers. The attached store is a market, not a deli."

I got to see an aborted fetus today! Well, I couldn't really see the fetus, but I saw the placenta, which is how they tell they got the job done. VERY cool stuff...especially the fact that we still legally have that option.

I'm modeling for a vintage ebay store tomorrow! My friend in Philly had/will have her own store, and in the meantime is doing a lot of sales on ebay. But shoppers have difficulty commiting to an item without a picture of it on someone, so I'm going to be her ebay store model (for the stuff that fits, that is)! I'll post a link when I'm up.

I don't have pneumonia! I was feeling pretty crummy all week and had an appointment with my doc scheduled for tomorrow morning, but I felt great all day today, and cancelled.

Happy Friday!!!


Bobbie said...

Glad you're feeling better! And doing some fun things... modeling all around, eh? :) When is that hair modeling gig starting?

And yay for the bistro job!

Madmom said...

A second job! Great, i bet you will really enjoy it. Plus, I know you will enjoy the $$$. Never thought you would become a model or work in a "bistro". Wow.