Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyday Superheroes

Steve and I went to costume party on Saturday. The theme? Heroes and Villains. We decided to go at the very last minute, so we threw costumes together from what we had lying around (well, Steve went to Goodwill, but I was working so had to raid my closet).

We went as Wolverine and Rainbow Brite!

There were two other Wolverines, and Steve was most definitely the sloppiest one. I, however, was the only Rainbow Brite. Take it.


Bobbie said...

Funny... I never saw Wolverine as being a bottom. ;)

Rainbow power!

Bobbie said...

I want to go to Potomac Mills - which is close-ish to DC I think... crazy outlets of doom. We should meet there one weekend and dream/drool. :)