Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ten

Things I'm looking forward to, in chronological order:

1. Project Runway Finale Part I. (Tonight)
2. Payday. (Friday)
3. Early dismissal at work. (Friday- because Saturday is going to be a looooong one)
4. Dan moves in and officially lowers our rent and utility bills. (Friday)
5. Something else. It's a secret! (Friday)
6. Bar-hopping in Philly with some seriously cool folks. They already have the route all mapped out, and these places sound awesome. (Saturday)
7. Sleeping in. (Sunday)
8. Project Runway Finale Part II. (March 5)
9. The Philly Flower Show- it's kind of a big deal. (March 7)
10. Matthew (my broheim) and Heather (my cuzheim) come to visit!!! (March 13-16)

And because I couldn't help it:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And then there were three.

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day for me, because it was the day that my coworker Tiffany and I were going to talk to our boss about something we've been thinking about for a long time.

The facts are these:
x There are four Community Educators.
x There is not enough work for four CEs.
x We do not make enough money (those of us that are unmarried all have a second job).
x One of the CEs got another job within the agency (something a little more fitting for her, I must say).

The proposal:
Now that we're down the three and our workload looks like it won't be boring us to tears, Tiffany and I talked to our boss about the possibility of NOT hiring a fourth educator, and giving our salaries a little nudge with the savings.

The answer:

I could go into details about the Infant Mortality Grant and percentages of our salaries being paid out of it, but the point was to not be bored.

So now there's a job opening in my department. Any takers?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyday Superheroes

Steve and I went to costume party on Saturday. The theme? Heroes and Villains. We decided to go at the very last minute, so we threw costumes together from what we had lying around (well, Steve went to Goodwill, but I was working so had to raid my closet).

We went as Wolverine and Rainbow Brite!

There were two other Wolverines, and Steve was most definitely the sloppiest one. I, however, was the only Rainbow Brite. Take it.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Because I'm working an insane amount of hours Wednesday through Saturday this week, I have gotten to flex my time in quite a satisfying manner. I took Thursday and most of Friday off last week, and I'm home early today and tomorrow. My crazy work schedule is messing up my second job schedule, but I've gotta prioritize. With spring and summer around the corner (and the need to work weekend health fairs), it's only going to get more complicated.

Anyway, no big news here, so I thought I'd post some pictures of the gorgeous amaryllis I've been babying:

Friday, February 15, 2008

My portfolio, anyone?

Pictures are in! Here are some of me....

Wearing a ridiculous hat.

This dress was a little big, but I loved it AND the boots!

I had always wanted to take a picture like this one. Now all I need is satin.

I ended up taking this dress home with me. It needs some repairs, but I LOVE it.

This was the most debated outfit of the night. The stylist/photographer/store owner thought it looked "so high fashion" while a friend and I thought it was ridiculous. Either way, I actually really love this picture.

This one is my favorite. Those shoes are SMOKIN.

Check out the store here. None of the items I'm modeling are for sale right now (that I know of), but check out all the other great things!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today I presented information on sexuality, safer sex, and contraception to a group of 315 Americorps volunteers for 3 hours. (I should say that it wasn't just me; the presentation was split with two other educators. But anyway...) It. Was. Awesome. I had almost forgotten how much I love presenting to large groups. AND, a friend from college was in the crowd! It was so strange, it took me a couple seconds to bring his name out of the brain files.

This week I'm training at the bistro, and I think we're doing wine tasting either tonight or tomorrow. Because I want to get training over with and have Friday night off, Steve and I are post-poning Valentine's Day for Friday. I think we're just going to go to dinner and bowling. Should be fun.

I want some hot chocolate.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Modeling is super

The ebay photoshoot was a success! I wore tons of outfits (and jewelry!!!), and I'll post some of the pictures when I get them. I can't wait to do it again.

Speaking of modeling, and to answer some of your questions, the hair modeling gig is either on hold or not happening because the stylist is a bit of a flake, and after asking to reschedule once, hasn't returned my phone calls or emails to do exactly that. My hair has been looking pretty awesome lately, so it's kind of a blessing. But I can feel it turning on me already...

While I don't feel like I have pneumonia, I do have a bit of a cold. Maybe it just hid from me on Thursday and most of yesterday, or maybe it's a brand new strain. Yaaaaay.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Facts of My Life, This Week

I got a part-time job! It's a new restaurant (er, bistro) that hasn't opened yet just blocks from work. I don't know what position they're going to give me, but I'm actually hoping to be a host because then I won't have to rely on tips. It's really neat seeing a restaurant in the stages before it opens, and I've met a lot of the staff already, and the group is so diverse and pretty cool. The place is going to be a little pretentious, though: "We're a bistro, not a restaurant. We have guests, not customers. The attached store is a market, not a deli."

I got to see an aborted fetus today! Well, I couldn't really see the fetus, but I saw the placenta, which is how they tell they got the job done. VERY cool stuff...especially the fact that we still legally have that option.

I'm modeling for a vintage ebay store tomorrow! My friend in Philly had/will have her own store, and in the meantime is doing a lot of sales on ebay. But shoppers have difficulty commiting to an item without a picture of it on someone, so I'm going to be her ebay store model (for the stuff that fits, that is)! I'll post a link when I'm up.

I don't have pneumonia! I was feeling pretty crummy all week and had an appointment with my doc scheduled for tomorrow morning, but I felt great all day today, and cancelled.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This one's a doozie

Monday nights are typically quite late nights for Steve. He usually gets home around 8:30 or 9pm. I've been feeling under the weather (two of my coworkers are out with walking pneumonia-- uh oh!), so I was kind of looking forward to lounging alone on the couch and crashing early last night.

I got into bed at 10, after the live town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton was cut off, and before Steve got home. Because Steve definitely doesn't teach until 10pm, I texted him. I read for half an hour, and still no Steve, no text, no call. I called him and left a message then tried to sleep.

There was no way I was getting a second of rest not knowing where he was, and I got to thinking. I was so scared and so worried that something happened to him, and I couldn't convince myself not to let my mind wander to all of the horrible reasons he wasn't home or able to return my call. It went so far that the main reason I called him after texting was because the people in the hospital might not have heard the text notification sound, but would definitely hear it if it rang. After lingering on thoughts of a horrific accident and trying to convince myself that I just watch too much Six Feet Under, I thought about what I would do if my fears were actually realized.

If, supreme-power forbid, something were to happen to Steve to compromise his permanence in my life, I would be lost. I thought about our living situation, and how I'd be living all alone in a house with his best friends, Rob and (soon) Dan. I thought about the people around me and how they're all so new. I bet some of them still picture the Nina they drew up in their minds when Steve would tell them about me instead of the actual me, and the ones that I met on my own are still learning so many little things that my nearest and dearest have known about forever, like my fear of robots, or love of limes, or elephant-like memory. Who would support me, who COULD support me, in such a situation?

Would I move back to California? I'd have my parents and a few close friends from high school (and earlier) to help me along. But then I thought about my newly-engaged friend Christine and saw myself crashing her future perfect marriage as the broken friend that needs help (You, Me, and Nina B. anyone?). I also thought about the reasons I wanted to leave Fresno so badly in the first place, and knew that moving back would definitely not be a step in the right direction. Maybe I would just put my life in reverse and head back to Boston where I entered adulthood with grace and enthusiasm, thanks to an amazing group of friends and a mission of education to keep me busy. But then I remembered reasons for leaving Boston too, and also the depressing cost of living.

One thing is certain: I would not stay here. What does that mean? That I'm dependent? Maybe in some ways, but none that would make me (or any psychotherapeutic professional) worry. Maybe it just means that after 5ish months, I'm just not stable enough in this new life to feel comfortable and confident enough to handle such a loss alone.

This is what went through my head, as I lay awake waiting for that phone call that did eventually come (though I don't know if 5 minutes or 60 passed before it did). After hearing from Steve (who was fine), I thought about when I was out late in high school and my mom would insist that I wake her up whenever I came home. I always thought that she wouldn't know the difference, but I get it now. I fell asleep just seconds after I hung up.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Necklace Jungle!

I've been crafty!

My organization system for jewelry has been fine...but not fabulous. I asked for a bronze, branch-looking necklace stand for Christmas, but didn't get it (and the exact one I wanted is no longer on their website), so I decided to try something myself. Plus, it's free.

1. I went into the woodsy area of my backyard and found actual branches that are spooky and sturdy enough to hold necklaces.

2. I trimmed them down to the size I wanted, and got rid of any mini branches that were too flimsy.

3. I picked a vase and filled it with rice, then jammed the branches in.

4. I ever-so-carefully placed my necklaces on their new stand.

See my dresser before:

The open box on the right was filled with teeny tiny ziploc bags, each containing a necklace. They never got tangled, but they were never displayed for me to find easily. You can also see my longest necklaces hanging from the mirror above the dresser.

My dresser after looks about the same. The box has new contents because all of the necklaces went into the branches. My creation sits on a little nightstand in my general dressing area:

I picked a yellow vase that I found at the curb store one day because the table has a yellow/gold motif. Not all of my necklaces made it up there; the long ones are still hanging from the mirror, and some heavy ones are in boxes still, but I'm happy with how it turned out!

Now if I can only figure out a new system for my bracelets besides that drawer liner roll...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The other other white "meat"

Today = Saturday, and Saturday = errand day. I had last Saturday off because my car was being babysat by the dealership AND I was getting by with just enough food and toiletries to last one more week.

First, CVS:
The plan was to drop off my prescription, go to Borders, and then go back to CVS to do some shopping and pick up my prescription. What happend instead was I dropped off my prescription, and at the part where the pharmacist asks if I want to wait or if I'll come back later, she just walked away! I was just standing there with a confused/offended look on my face when the pharmacist's colleague walked up to the counter and said it'd be ready in 15. Since standing there shaved a minute off the wait, I decided to just do my shopping right then.

Next, Borders:
I love bookstores. It took me a while to get into them...sometimes in college, we'd all go to the Pru Barnes and Noble and just browse, browse, browse, but I would really be checking out guys and wishing I was in Jasmine Sola. (WOAH! I just made myself sound WAY more superficial and anti-book than I ever have been in my life. It's just that I was never into the browsing part of bookstores; most of my reading list came from personal recommendations that were usually given to me.) Now I'm a huge fan of browsing, and probably spent over an hour there today, ultimately selecting books from my last 10 minutes in the store. I found:

+ A one-dish meal cookbook that features recipes straight from the 50s--some of them even call for SPAM.

+ A little, hopefully-funky novel called Don't Sleep with Your Drummer. Hey, it was two bucks and has a catchy title.

+ A book I had been eyeing for my broheim's birthday (which I won't name just in case he decides to stop being too cool to read my, or any, blog). It was little more expensive than I would have liked, but I had a coupon and I won't have to pay for shipping because he's coming to visit in March!!!

Finally, Target:
I wasn't originally planning to stop by, but I still had some energy along with a nice little gift card I got from Rob for my birthday. I looked at housewares, accessories (purses, belts, and shoes), bedding (I really couldn't help it), and clothes. I took two trips to the dressing rooms, and in the end, walked away empty-handed. The only section that truly impressed was bedding, and let's face it: the stuff we have is great; it just needs to be cleaned. Next time, Target, next time.

Super Bowl XLII party! (I'm going for the wings.)

Friday, February 1, 2008


Soooo, my birthday was on Monday, holla! Yep, the big 2-3. It was a good one, though really odd because it wasn't like any other birthday, probably because I spent it with people I had never celebrated my birthday with before (except for Steve, of course).

On Sunday night we went to Swanky Bubbles, an asian-fusion restaurant + champagne bar. It was AWESOME. I plan on going back sometime I feel like splurging, since people won't be paying for me unless it's a year from now and I'm celebrating my 24th.

I worked on Monday, and my darling parents sent me an Edible Arrangment (which was delicious and gorgeous), and Diana took me out to lunch (also delicious). Oh, I also got brownies at work, which was great since I don't eat cake.

I got tons of phone calls, emails, and text/myspace/facebook messages, so I certainly felt loved. As with every birthday, though, there were certain people whose expected well-wishes were absent. Maybe they have good excuses.


No news on a part-time job, but I think I've changed my mind about what kind of job I want. Instead of working every night and over the weekends, I'm going to try to find a bartending job where I can take only a few shifts a week. Friday and Saturday nights would be ideal. There are tons of bars both near work and home, so we'll see what I come up with.


It's a dreary, dreary day here and I just wish I was home reading (currently Sedaris' Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim) or watching Six Feet Under. It's been a long week, from recurring headaches, to a painful all-staff training, to a horrible presentation; thank goodness it's Friday.