Saturday, January 26, 2008

Workin' Progress

So, the part-time job search is now in full swing. I have applied to 4 places so far, but haven't heard back from any yet. Granted, most of them were pretty recent posts on craigslist, so they're probably still compiling resumes. I applied for:

1. A retail position in the women's shoe department at Macy's at both the mall near work and the mall near home. Does that count as two, then?
2. A position as the administrative/executive assistant to the Executive Director of a Jewish non-profit. No knowledge of Judaism required, but I'm sure it didn't hurt that I signed my cover letter, "Shalom, Nina." haha.
3. This one's with a wedding photography company: I would meet with brides and have them look through the company's portfolio to see if they wanted to hire them. There's a lot of sales in it, but if they're good (they are), and I'm charismatic (I am), it shouldn't be too hard.
4. Another wedding-related one, and another retail position: a consultant at a high-end bridal salon. They carry like serious couture gowns, fo real.

I'll keep you posted on my workin' progress. That one was GOOD! It is now the title of the post.

~~~~~~~Wedding Update!~~~~~~~
Last time I posted about all of my friends' nuptials, I was attending six weddings this year, and one next year. Now, there are seven weddings this year and none next year (so far), but I'm still only attending six.

The explanation: The bride of the August 2009 wedding absolutely MUST get married in the month of August (it was too loud to delve into why). She had great reasons to wait until 2009, but decided that she didn't actually want to wait, so on New Year's Day, she and her fiancee set the date to be one year earlier. How sweeeeet. My two November brides are on opposite coasts, and while the dates were originally going to be one week apart, they are now about 24 hours apart. Seeing as how the west coast bride is one of my very best friends, I will absolutely be going to hers. Steve will be attending the New Jersey wedding, and he better take pictures for my book.

So, here is the wedding schedule for 2008:
May 25, PA-- I'm helping out with day-of coordination duties in this one!
June 13, CA-- Loyal Bridesmaid.
June 28, DE
August 31, NJ
September 6, NJ
November 7, NJ (Steve only)
November 8, CA

Whew! The plan is to get one STUNNING summer dress, and one FANTASTIC fall dress (with the money I make in my part-time job, obviously).

Finally, weekend plans:

Last night: rock and roll show in New Jersey. Great fun. We also stopped by Steve's house and got an old/extra TV from his dad because ours has been angry.

Today: I dropped my car off for an oil change and some other maintenance things, and it's ready! Steve's at work until after they close, so I'm going to have to walk back to pick it up. It's 3 miles away, so I may just skip the gym today.

On the way, I'm going to drop off a coat for dry-cleaning and then send the bill to the restaurant where I got a tray of drinks spilled on me a couple weekends ago.

Tonight: Ugly Sweater Party! I already donated the sweater from the last one, so we'll see what I come up with. (I think Steve has a few, but I don't know if he realizes that they are, in fact, ugly.)

Tomorrow: Roe v. Wade Commemoration (35 years!) in the afternoon and dinner in Center City. Restaurant Week begins tomorrow!


Madmom said...

With losing my computer I lost your email. Could you send it to me? Hope the perfect part time job is just around the corner!

curiously carolyn said...

NIIIINAAA! I'm sorry I did not well wish you sooner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am earing wanton soup and thinking of you!