Thursday, January 17, 2008

Insane in the membrane

I'm not missing!

1. Work has been crazy. And I don't mean crazy-busy, I mean, let's commit my department (not individuals, I mean the entity that is my department). In fact, let's commit the entire admin floor.

2. I've been working out with amazing regularity, though I skipped the gym today because of the snow! My drive home took an hour, and with a stop at the gym, who knows when I would have made it home? Plus, I was hungry. I'll go tomorrow.

3. I got a hair modeling gig! I found a stylist that wants to pump up his portfolio (and hopefully get published). We already met and discussed the cut, so there won't be any surprises that could get me in trouble at work. I also looked through his portfolio and have deemed him worthy of cutting my hair (a VERY elite club). He's giving me between $30 and $50 for the cut and photos, and all future haircuts (AND product) are FREE! So that's exciting, to say the least. (The very least.)

Last night Steve and I saw Juno (awwwwesome), and Diana (from work) and I are going to see 27 Dresses on Monday-- a day off! I've gotta fill my girly wedding movie winter quota.

Well, that should about do it for now. Time to stop munching and actually eat a meal.

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Bobbie said...

You're back - hurray! :) It is snowing here too... so pretty and yet so cold... and I also really enjoyed Juno.

And, I'm going to see Wu-Tang tomorrow. Hmm.