Saturday, January 12, 2008

I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

Auuuughh....change of plans due to receiving my electronic credit card statement today.

Yesterday, Steve and I stayed in and watched Six Feet Under. We're crazy-addicted and almost done with Season 3.

This morning, I went to the grocery store and actually bought a healthy amount of food that consists mostly of things from which I can make actual meals, instead of things that are simply edible. The damage was pretty, well, damaging, but I got some good coupons and took a survey for a $5 gift card. Whew!

Then I went to CVS and spent a good portion of the rebate I got from when I bought Steve's birthday cell phone. At least I have some cash in my wallet now (to reimburse Amelia for a beverage and to stash away for when Girl Scout cookies are delivered).

When I got back from CVS, the dreaded credit card bill was waiting for me and it is out of control (even though I haven't used it since before Christmas, because I knew it was out of control); and not even from frivolous purchases like fancy meals and clothes! It's seriously all gas, groceries, and, oh yeah: plane tickets. I also know a bill from Toyota, Geico, Philadelphia Gas and Electric, and Comcast are on their way, not to mention rent.

So no more mall (or even Goodwill) for me. I got a gift card for Christmas, but have decided to use it for meals out only.

I get paid on Friday, I get paid on Friday, I get paid on Friday...

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Bobbie said...

I love all those things AND girl scout cookies (especially the chocolate peanut butter ones) buuut most of all - yooooou! :) too. xoxo.