Friday, January 11, 2008

Go with the Flow

What was up with that comment on yesterday's blog? Maybe I should add that word verification thing. It was pretty funny, though.

The Coffee Report:
Today is Day 3 without coffee, and I'll say this: it is much easier than Day 2. Yesterday felt like a whole week rolled into a day, and I blame withdrawal. BUT, as I was leaving, two other coworkers mentioned how exhausted they were and how the day just wouldn't end. So maybe it wasn't the lack of coffee in my system (though I'm sure it didn't help).

When I eat breakfast at home, I have a glass of juice instead of a cup of coffee. This has actually helped to remind me to take my vitamins. When I get to work, I have a cup of tea. The selection in my desk includes: English Breakfast, Earl Grey (the man), Green, Raspberry, Peach, and Orange Spice. Luckily, it's been raining over here so I don't feel odd drinking tea in the morning. I drink it out of a Sandra Boynton mug that reminds me of my mom's mugs when I was younger (she has since gotten classier and has the mug cupboard stocked with delicate, artsy mugs with flowers and garden bugs). If I didn't already have such a large mug collection, I'd search for some particularly pun-y Boynton mugs at thrift stores.

The plan for this weekend:

Today: Gym after work, nothing planned for tonight as of yet.

Tomorrow: Perhaps a jaunt to the mall where I plan to find some slacks and who knows what else? I'd also like to go to Goodwill since I have nearly every weekend and we need more glasses (you can't beat the housewares at Goodwill). Then Steve and I are going to explore downtown West Chester, and then go to Bear, DE (I love that it's called Bear) for a party. Last time we went to Bear, we accidentally went to Maryland. That still blows my mind.

Sunday: The gym again (I've been so good!), Trader Joe's on the way back (yum!), and any errands/shopping I decided not to do on Saturday.

Sounds like fun!


Bobbie said...

Daw! What a busy/fun weekend!

Maryland, you say? Damn, that state is close to VIRGINIA.

Bobbie said...

Yeeeeees.... DC.... Exxxxxxxxxcellent.