Sunday, January 13, 2008

Every Cowboy Sings a Sad, Sad Song

Well! I had a glass of wine with dinner and am admittedly a little buzzed! That was a surprise. I'm just sitting here, simply delighted with the wonders of the internet and the musical stylings of composer Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo and Rugrats' theme fame). Did that sound pretentious? I think mention of Devo and Rugrats pretty much guarantees it didn't. Right?

Anyway, I'm nearing the end of Day 5 without coffee and doing great! I'm thinking that when I start drinking coffee again (did you read that, Mom? "WHEN"), I will only drink decaf, and only drink it as a treat. It will no longer be my pick-me-up, and I think I will gain a new appreciation for it. Not that I didn't appreciate coffee before, just that this appreciation will be different.

I had another thought I wanted to share, but just lost it.

Oh well. Don't forget to watch the season premiere of Rock of Love II on VH1 tonight at 9 (8 central), everyone!

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