Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coffee Talk

Today, I gave up coffee.


Yep. I've been drinking the nectar of the gods since I was about 8 years old (right, Mom?), and have loved almost every cup. But lately, after several sips of my morning ritual, my pick-me-up, my treat, my love, I have been grossly disappointed by the taste.

I don't think that I can attribute the decline in my satisfaction to the new brand of coffee I bought at the grocery store last week, as it started quite some time before I switched. Even a sip of the coffee at the shop down the street from work (voted Delaware's best, mind you) gives me a mug (ha!) of disappointment and, at times, disgust.

So what am I going to do? Well, I've already had about twice as much water than I usually do, so that's pretty cool. I've also discovered mate, which is absolutely delicious. (Unfortunately, I do not have a gourd from which to enjoy it.) Tea will work for caffeine cravings, though I find it difficult to drink tea during the day unless it is raining, ridiculously cold, or I am sick.

Next time I go to Steve's parents' house, I'll be picking up his sister's extra espresso machine. What's the point, right? Well, I have a few thoughts on this:
1. Maybe coffee is just too weak for me now, and I need espresso instead.
2. Maybe an espresso machine will refine the way my coffee is prepared and lead to a more complete enjoyment of the beverage.
3. Maybe I just need a break.
4. I don't really care how successful I am at all this. I identify as a coffee drinker, and I would like to continue to do so. It's a subculture to which I have always been happy to belong, and it would be positively depressing to have to say goodbye for good.

So right now, it's just: see you later, caffeinator.


Bobbie said...

Veeeeeery interesting, I must say. I bet you just need a little break... right? right?

Madmom said...

What is wrong with you?! Don't go breaking my heart Pix!