Monday, January 7, 2008

Before you plant the seeds...

My horoscope for today:
"Your feelings have run their course and may seem like they've returned to the cosmic recycling bin. Still, you are not yet ready to transition into what's next. Instead of planting a new crop of ideas in the garden of your imagination, think about the importance of the compost pile where today's garbage magically transforms into tomorrow's healthy soil. Be patient and allow the process to evolve at its own pace."

Isn't that pretty? I had to post it for you, Mom. Anyway, after reading it a bunch of times, I think I pretty much get it.

Some of my feelings right now include angst, worry, and hope. I'm feeling a little angsty right now because of Rob. Things had been pretty good on the home front for a couple of months, but he has dropped back into his old ways of stealing my food (which I REALLY don't have much of), not replacing the TP or paper towel rolls when he finishes them off, not clearing his incredibly massive hairballs out of the shower drain after know, the little things that add up and drive me so completely insane.

The worry and hope are for my job. My entire job is funded by a portion of a grant that lasts through the middle of the summer. Just before Christmas there was a meeting to discover how (and if) the grant will be played out next year. We have yet to hear the results, which makes me nervous because what if they just didn't want to deliver the bad news at the holidays? Anyway, we have a department meeting today and I'm sure we'll get the verdict then. Worry and hope always go together.

Anyway, hopefully this worry garbage turns into fertile soil by tomorrow. Maybe we'll be awarded MORE grant money this year! Ha. I'll keep you (com)posted.

...Get it?


Bobbie said...

Dawwwww *hand to face*

Good luck, anyway!!!

And hairballs?! EWWWW.

Madmom said...

Wow, so deep (in dirt), I absolutely love it. I am hoping that I don't hear a meltdown in those worries. Remember the laws of attraction:) I know this sounds hokey but things do and will work out. Maybe not how you have planned but that is the beauty in the rollercoaster of life.

Diana said...

I am not part of the management team to know the ins and outs, but I do the grant is good. I know because there are no real signs that we should worry. Trust me on this, there are clear signs that are visible. We are in a good place and can get a few years out of this grant, to say the least. I have worked in grant funded positions for years and feel secure where we are now. I agree with madmom and the law of attraction.