Sunday, December 2, 2007

White Christmas


My yard is covered with dried-up leaves, and they're crackling away with all of the flakes falling on them. The snow's not really accumulating on the ground, but from my second-story office, I can see that the roof of the sunroom is turning white!

I made a fantastic batch of wassail, and plan to wrap a couple presents for my guests arriving in LESS THAN two weeks!!!

Hooray for winter!


Bobbie said...

I am so jealous of the snoooow! And I bet your whole house smells gorgeous.

See you sooooon!

Any other Christmas wishes that might be able to be granted by Santa?

Laura said...

Oh man I am all KINDS of jealous! Snow! And Wassail! I think I'm going to make some here for our christmas extravanganza....but it won't be as good as yours, as there is no cider here. Lame!

At any rate...walk in the snow with a hot cup of mocha for me, please!

(That still goes down as the best first snow ever)

And enjoy the Bobbie and the Jay! You WILL have to see me sometime soon, btw, as I maaay have something for you.