Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When Words Aren't Enough

I went to a professional training yesterday that was supposed to teach me methods to connect with adolescent girls by using more than words. (I bet you thought of that Extreme song just now, didn't you?) I instead enjoyed a nice, 3-hour group therapy session because the training taught me nothing I can use professionally, but a whole bunch of stuff that might come in handy personally.

Anyway, the wine and cheese party was a great success. I like Gouda and Pinot Noir. I also got majorly hit on by a designer with red hair in front my oblivious boyfriend. So sassy. A toast to more social times! In fact, I'm thinking about throwing a New Year's Eve party. The theme: Party Like It's Going Out of Style--everyone wears something that's out of style, whether it's dressy or casual. I'm looking for a horrible cocktail dress complete with sleeves to the heavens and sequins that will make me fight gravity with all of my might.

Perhaps something like this,

but its horrible-ness is awfully debatable (which is why it would be a worthy investment).

Some final news:
+ Today is the day I buy a gym membership. I'm going after work to scope out the place and ask the necessary questions Whoo!
++ Word about Frakenbra has gotten out, and many, many people are interested in ordering.
+++ Bobbie and Jay are arriving on FRIDAY NIGHT!!!


Bobbie said...

Let's go into the bra and panty business. I have been searching for sexy panties in my size for a while now (practical ones, that don't dig, etc) and am feeling utterly frustrated.

Task for next year: learn to sew.

Glad you are enjoying the photos! : ) I will be packing up all my purchases tonight in a big ole suitcase so that I CAN BRING THEM TO PHILLY IN THREE DAYS OMG.

Madmom said...

I am so totally out of style, I like that dress and think it would be awesome on you. Try to not have anymore meltdowns this year, that would make me feel better about you being in Philly without me.